6 Signs of ovarian cancer

6 Signs of ovarian cancer

Ovarian cancer is known as a “silent killer”. This is because it usually only gives some mild symptoms which people perceive as inconsequential. Tragically countless unfortunate women ignore these “mild” symptoms until it is too late. Most people perceive new mild symptoms as possibly a normal part of aging. But no new symptom should be attributed to aging until your Doctor has fully examined you. When caught early we can fix it. If it has spread by the time we diagnose it, it is usually incurable.

You need to see your Doctor if you have any of the following symptoms (which can sometimes be a sign of ovarian cancer) on a persistent or frequent basis (ie >12 times per month);

  1. Being “full” quicker during eating
  2. Loss of appetite
  3. New abdominal or pelvis area pain
  4. Increased urgency to go to the toilet and increased frequency of urination
  5. Persistent abdomen distension or bloating
  6. Change in bowel habit.

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